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ukwa street 
enugu can provide:

1. Interior and exterior painting
2. Beautiful interior finish wood packages
3. Concrete sealing, small repairs - driveways, porches, 

Paint is our business
• A fresh coat for a fresh start.
• Add color to your life.
• Transform your home with new colors.
• Experience the _____ difference.
• From bleak to chic.
• Inject some color into your home.
• Hire only the pros.
• Painters with a professional touch.
• Painting the future.
• Quality that lasts.
• If you can’t change surroundings, change the color of your house.
• Life is too short to have boring house colors.
• Getting your home painted is easy.
• Life is art, live yours in color.
• The right team for your painting project.
• Colors speak louder than words.
• Trusted house painters in _____.
• Painting is dancing with chaos.
• It’s the perfect time to paint your home.
• New Color – New Adventures – New Memories.
• Change your mood and make your home like new.
• Painted with love.
• There is nothing more exciting than living in your newly painted house.
• From buckets to brushes, we’re the painters you can trust!
• Paint your home for less.
• Sometimes a little change is a good thing.
• When only the best will do.
• We do painting. You do life.
• From start to finish, our goal is your complete satisfaction.
• Save time, money, and get your home looking amazing!
• Get the job done right, call the painting experts!


7 Jun 2021


John is convinced that loving God and loving others cannot be divorced.

Why is love, God’s kind of love, so powerful?

and 2) His love will reach its intended goal which is that I will love others

between someone in love with an Osama Bin Laden and someone in love with the Lord

Power for us to love others, even when they are not lovely.



God wants us to know Him intimately.His word teaches us that we purposefully enter into His anointed presence when Moses said "God you have sent me to deliver Your people from bondage, but you've not told me who will go with me" God said to him " My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest Exodus 33:14 When God is with you things get easy which I call "Holy Ease" Jesus said to His disciples unless you are born again you will not see the kingdom of God (see John 3:3) it's certain that the presence of indwelling of the Holy spirit is the first experience of knowing God intimately (see 2 for 1:21-22) God wants us to ask for our daily bread and for wisdom ( see James 1:5) and then listen to Him to Guide us.He has promised to answer us when we call Him, assuring us.
Whether you turn left or right you will hear a voice saying to you "this is the way, walk through it" ( Isaiah 39:21)
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One of our painted house
One of our painted house


We give you the best of the best on the Exterior and interior of your house, whether a new home or an old one that needs color to bring it back to life.

Do you want to choose the paint colors yourself but seem Undecided on what paint color to get your house project going
Give us a call today.



Business leaders should not wonder where and how to find a good business to do, though most business is based on books but there is one book that stands out, that book is the bible which is to know how to build a successful business in life. 'well done' both in this life, and the next 1. Always take the second step try to do what nobody thinks of doing. be different. 2. The golden rule works if you work it. think of others first, treat others as you would want to do to you. 3. Focus on profit with purpose know your priorities 4. Know your yeses and nos. be decisive and make a great decisions. 5. Make the move from owner to overseer,practice steward leadership, and use the resources wisely. 6. Trust the law of sow and reaping, sow bountifully your side, be generous and plant charity. 7. Believe and ask for the impossible. Dream big, set spiritual goals, pray big, embrace belief. 8. Build to the fouth generation. work of 7year project, always do the right thing. 9. Know the order of things and work the order. strive for clarity, seek first of God and His kingdom. 10. Improve your team to improve your organization. find the right and best people to be around you. 11. Do things today that will improve and impact today and tomorrow. invest wisely and don't forget to invest in yourself. 12. Work to well done. always strive and improve to make products and services better."