As part of His plan. God chooses prophets, such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses. Prophet:

* Teach about God and are witnesses of His Son, Jesus Christ.

* Receive revelation or direction from the Lord.

* Teach the gospel to the world and interpret the word of God.

Prophets receive the priesthood, or the authority to speak and act in the name of God to lead His children. People who follow the prophets receive the blessings God has promised. Those reject the gospel and God's prophets lose those blessings and distance themselves from God. Those who reject the prophets and abandon their commitment to follow God are in the condition called "apostasy".

Even though many of His children have repeatedly reject Him and His prophets, our Heavenly Father continue to love His children. He wants to give us everything we need to be happy now and to return to Him after we die. The scripture reveal a pattern of God repeatedly reaching out to His children, even though we don't listen: 

* God chooses a prophet

* The prophet teaches the gospel and lead His people.

* God blesses His people.

* The people gradually disregard or disobey the teachings of the prophet. They eventually reject the prophet and his teachings and fall into apostasy 

* Because of apostasy, people lose knowledge of the gospel. Priesthood authority is taken from among them.

* When the time is right and people are ready to follow Him again, God chooses another prophet, restores the priesthood and the church, and directs the prophet to teach the gospel.


If you're in rest you are in faith, Job was wrong by saying that trouble is coming, it means he gave devil the chance and time to enter in his picture. In all you do you have to pay attention to the voice of God and follow his instructions and make His voice the dominant voice in your life so that you will not be decieved by the devil.

When the devil is roaring like a lion seeking whom to devour, rebuke the devil don't give him the chance to come into your life to torment you. The devil came into Jobs life and destroyed all he has, killed his children and inflicted him with sickness because the devil got the chance to come in, then Job was not at ease or calm instead torment came.

The devil has nothing to give that to torment his victims, he deals with them that they think of rejecting God their Maker. The devil can subject you to extreme hardship, shame, hate, agony and make you powerless,he came only to steal, and kill nothing more infact anything that will make you less human being. (John 14:30).

Jesus Christ said Satan is the ruler of the this world, Satan will take you out of the word of God and punish you because you will be vunerable  for him to trample, decieve and eventually kill you.  Don't allow the devil to have access to your heart he can manipulate the flesh but he cannot do so the Holy spirit that dwell in your heart, allow God to take control of your heart and let Him be in- charge, accept Him as your personal Lord and savior as He. Knock now